Building it right

Building or refurbishing a low energy home requires specialist techniques and a focus on the detail. We work with a network of contractors who are part of the Enhabit franchise and understand how to achieve a building that will actually perform as it was designed.

What we do

– Low energy home refurbishments
– Self-build projects
– Passivhaus projects
– Apartment developments
– High performance window installation
– Low energy technology installation

When to start
Design & Build

As soon as you have an idea of what you are doing with your home we can help you.

Existing Designs

Even if you are planning to tender your project, a review by our Build team could help you.

About our build approach
Trusted teams

We only work with contractors who we trust to deliver. They know what they’re doing and we ensure they have all the design and technical information they need to do the job. It’s a partnership which works well.

Unrivaled experience

We have delivered many projects this way. Because we have end-to-end responsibility we can see it through and ensure that you get the building you want. We take away the hassle and stress of trying to find reliable tradesman – we’ve got them ready and waiting for you.

Reliability and Accountability

We monitor all our builds closely, applying robust project management processes to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget. We hold regular site meetings to check on progress, produce detailed minutes and ensure everyone knows what needs to happen when.

Introducing Enhabit Build London Limited

This franchise of the Enhabit brand provides low energy building and refurbishment services anywhere within the M25.  The team have successfully delivered previous Enhabit projects including Passivhaus homes.  Contact us for more information.

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