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18th December, 2018

One of the last installations of the year…pleasing level of organisation #gettingourductsinarow #mvhr #energyefficiency #indoorairquality

14th December, 2018

Baby it’s cold outside: -0.8 deg C, to be exact, incoming through the MVHR at 20 deg C – slightly high volumes (22W) as @johnpalmer878 now knows that his daughter’s spent the last hour in the shower #mvhr #energyefficiency #totalcontrol #MI6eatyourheartout

11th December, 2018

Following a recent meeting @SarahEllenPrice was surprised to hear that “no-one cares about the #performancegap” so she set out why we should #energyefficiency #indoorairquality #gettingwhatyoupaidfor

27th November, 2018

Patrick’s going to be speaking @cibse #Build2Perform tomorrow about our initial field testing into the impact of installing NOx filters. #AirQuality

23rd November, 2018

Our own @johnpalmer878 ….@enhabitfeed

23rd November, 2018

That’s us @enhabitfeed

22nd November, 2018

A very good example of how #passivhausperforms

20th November, 2018

Enhabit’s own Patrick Chester will be speaking about the results of NOx filtration assessment in central London homes with MVHR at @CIBSE #Build2Perform on 28th November – we have a few tickets available

20th November, 2018

This one’s a tight squeeze, but we made it! #mvhr #ventilation #indoorairquality #workinglatelastnight

19th November, 2018

Just finished commissioning this #MVHR system at a #yoga studio in SE London – designed, installed and commissioned, within 4 weeks! #ventilation #indoorairquality #goodconditionsfordownwarddog

13th November, 2018

That looks familiar!

9th November, 2018

Please take a look at this fantastic retrofit in Manchester – warm in the winter, cool in the summer, with fresh air all year around..

24th October, 2018

Look what we found on an energy survey – eek! #morethanonecauseofoverheating #buildingphysics #comfort

22nd October, 2018

This week’s @TheSTHome features tips on how to get your home ready for winter, including some thoughts from our very own @johnpalmer878 #firstgranddesignsnowthis #willbegettinganagentnext

17th October, 2018

Great campaign!

17th October, 2018

This is tomorrow!!

16th October, 2018
15th October, 2018

This is great, but there needs to be a plan of action to reach the targets, detail is what’s needed here – improve Part L, look at VAT for retrofits, stamp duty etc.. Date will then be meaningful

12th October, 2018

This issue is the reason why we exist – been looking back at some of the stuff we did to highlight and found this from years ago

12th October, 2018

Guess what we’re up to at this house in West #London #buildingphysics #poe #noguessinghere

11th October, 2018

Fresh from his @GrandDesigns fame, Patrick is speaking about how this and how it feeds into the delivery of a healthier home, that’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer and that’s very peaceful to live in. There’s a limited discount, use code SEAL25 for 25% off

11th October, 2018

Absolutely agree, surprised though at the failure to mention other benefits (might be reasons for failure) #comfort #health #cost #quality why’s everything about policy? Govt has repeatedly failed to take leadership here – industry also needs to step up

10th October, 2018

Workers in the construction industry are three times more likely to take their own lives than the average. It’s great to see firms taking action.. #WorldMentalHealthDay

9th October, 2018

Fantastic feature on women in construction in the @guardian

9th October, 2018

#Airtightness test, house depressurised, to demonstrate issues with an old property that we’ve been asked to make more comfortable – windows are double glazed PVC- not old, but frame has warped – will let the cold in, heat out and noise in #buildingperformance #whydoweputupwithit

8th October, 2018

Think you can’t do anything to respond to #climate warnings from the @IPCC_CH? Think again. This client lived in a draughty, cold home in N London. It’s now warm in winter, cool in summer, with healthy-fresh air & data INCLUDES use of electric car #dataspeaksforitself #nobrainer

8th October, 2018

PS @BBCRadio4 we think you mean 1.5 degrees, not 1.5 per cent.

8th October, 2018

The IPCC says dramatic action to limit #climatewarming is required, which we agree with – action to make homes more #energyefficient when you’re building/renovating isn’t that dramatic and will make a difference to comfort, health & value #nobrainer

5th October, 2018

Another commissioned #MVHR system, this time in W6. Client says: “I was impressed with Enhabit’s commitment to working out a solution that was right for us. The system met and exceeded our goals and is totally silent even on boost mode! We are now enjoying lovely, clean air”

4th October, 2018

Please do go and visit our certified #enerphit project at the Old Byres, it’s a beautiful home and a brilliant example of #passivhaus as a team sport – Richard, our client was instrumental in achieving the standard #energyefficiency

3rd October, 2018

Totally agree! We design and supply #mvhr #IAQ #energyefficiency

3rd October, 2018

Lovingly designed by our expert team of architects and engineers, project managed by our super organised..project managers & tested & commissioned by our site teams. We also supplied the #timberframe , #ashp and the #mvhr – very proud of #teamenhabit today

3rd October, 2018

Our exptert #airtightness tester, Patrick!

3rd October, 2018

That’ll be our timberframe system! And our @johnpalmer878

3rd October, 2018

An #Enhabit project on GD tonight! #itallstartswithenergyefficiency

3rd October, 2018
2nd October, 2018

This is amazing and annoying in equal parts – why’s it taken 55 years?!

2nd October, 2018

Design for this building began with #energyefficiency – we used PHPP as a design tool, project managed, supplied the #mvhr, #timberframe, #ASHP & #tripleglazing – helped to ensure high levels of building performance

20th September, 2018

Prob the neatest one we’ve done yet! #haveyougotabetterone #mvhr #IAQ #ventilation

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