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Sustainable Salons Programme by L’Oréal Professional Products

Award winning

The award winning sustainable salons programme was created by L’Oréal Professional Products with Enhabit’s help to set standards for sustainability in hair salons.

The sustainable salons energy efficiency programme aims to help salons to save money, improve comfort and to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of energy salons use in their operations. This can be done without any major changes in the way salons work.


In 2015, the sustainable salons project won the 2015 Business Green Leaders’ Award for energy efficiency project of the year. Of the project, the judges said:

“In a highly competitive category, L’Oréal Professional Products and greentomatoenergy came out on top thanks to their commitment to improving not just the beauty giant’s efficiency, but also the efficiency of its customers.

In supporting energy surveys and piloting efficiency upgrades at a number of salons, the company has developed a scalable strategy that could help make hair salons across the UK energy efficiency trailblazers”


Benefits for your salon

See how other trailblazing salon owners have saved up to £4,000 per year, simply by implementing our sustainable salons recommendations.

154536kg of Carbon Saved
The sustainable salons project
continues to reduce carbon emissions

The programme helps salons to become more sustainable by implementing measures that will reduce energy and water consumption and limit the amount of waste in the salon.

L’Oréal Professional Products and greentomatoenergy have worked together for over three years to understand energy consumption in salons and come up with a simple way of finding out how to save.

  1. Book an energy survey – greentomatoenergy will survey your salon, either by reviewing data you send to them online or in person
  2. Review recommendations – you’ll be provided with a report which will tell you how well you’re performing against other salons and what impact their recommendations will have on your performance
  3. Implement recommendations – greentomatoenergy can help you to install the measures they recommend or to start making the small behavioural changes that can make a real difference
  4. Start saving – once you’ve implemented the changes, you’ll become a L’Oréal Professional Products sustainable salon. You’ll see the effect of the recommendations on your next utility bill and greentomatoenergy collects all of the savings data to see that everything’s working as it should.
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