EnerPHit Eco Home in North London

Our Clients decided to renovate their property, a family house located in North London. A ground floor and loft extension will be added to the existing building. The clients aim to achieve Enerphit Standard in order to improve the energy performance and comfort levels of the property. The planners viewed the clients’ ambition to get to the EnerPHit standard very favourably. The project is currently under construction with the works being carried out by Brimstone Construction and Ecoalex.

The modeled heat demand of the existing property is 237kWh/m²/year and the modeled heat demand for the renovated property is 20kWh/m²/year, aiming a higher than 90% energy reduction.

Front view of property prior to refurbishment
Rear view prior to refurbishment

Enhabit has provided consultancy services throughout the project, from the design brief to Passivhaus design, detailed design work and onsite project management. The proposed works include: external wall insulation, loft and floor insulation, elimination of thermal bridges, very good airtightness levels, triple-glazed windows and MVHR. The clients are also interested in PV panels which Enhabit is able to provide and install.


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