The Corner Surgery – energy survey and energy usage analysis

Doctors and patients alike found The Corner Surgery on Coldharbour Lane to be hot and stuffy in the summer and, unless large amounts of energy was used for space heating, cold in the winter. Use of office equipment also resulted in high electricity bills. To tackle these problems, the surgery and RDA Architects engaged Enhabit to advise them ahead of a refurbishment project.

We conducted a thorough energy survey to investigate the types of electrical equipment, heating and lighting used in the surgery. Analysis of the results allowed us to suggest that some changes in usage patterns and the replacement of lights with LEDs could save the surgery over £1,000 a year in electricity bills.

As well as the relatively easily implemented methods to reduce energy use, more intrusive measures that could be undertaken during refurbishment were also recommended to both increase comfort and cut carbon emissions. Through modelling of the surgery, it was shown that by installing triple-glazing, internal wall insulation and an MVHR system the space heating demand could be cut from 183 kWh/m2 to just 61 kWh/m2. Perhaps more importantly, these measures would greatly improve comfort levels through even temperature distribution and controlled ventilation.

Corner Surgery - Front ViewCorner Surgery - Side ViewEnergy Use AnalysisEffect of individual measuresEffect of options for refurbishment


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