Timber Frame newbuild in Kingston

Our clients, Elinor and Born came to see us before they had even purchased their plot of land with an ambition to build a modern house for a growing family of five and, as a number of family members suffer from allergies, it was very important to them that the building’s indoor air quality was high.

Enhabit provided architectural services, the low energy design, project management and M&E design services.  We also supplied the timber frame build, the windows and the MVHR and ASHP.

Our clients moved into their home just before Christmas 2017, they’ve still got some landscaping to do and we’re monitoring carefully to track the improvement in air quality.

The timber frame system took three weeks to erectThe timber frame was designed to achieve passivhaus levels of insulationThe timber frame was finished with a simple renderEnhabit performed the airtightness testing - the building got 0.5 ACH on its first tryThe clients wanted a modern family home that was healthy comfortable and with low running costsThe resulting building has high levels of indoor air qualityThe timber frame system being put in place


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