Twickenham – energy efficiency in stages

This project started with an energy survey. Our clients were interested in what measures they could adopt to make their property more energy efficient. Our clients had told us that they were staying in their property for the long term, and so the energy survey also suggested ways in which longer term plans for the building can be made more efficient, they therefore got back in touch when they were ready to extend and renovate their kitchen.

Enhabit was engaged to design and build our client’s low energy kitchen envelope. We designed and installed increased levels of internal wall, roof and floor insulation, triple-glazing and ensured that the installation was airtight. The extension also benefits from underfloor heating, used at low levels as demand is so low. The electrical installation included LEDs, which are suitable for the airtight extension.

The clients are enjoying their warm and comfortable kitchen and have since replaced their sash windows with greentomatoenergy’s triple-glazed Passisash windows.

This is a good example of the adoption of a low energy strategy using a staged approach and our clients are enjoying a warm and comfortable building, with lower energy bills, without renovating in one go.

Internal view of the refurbished kitchenHigh performance triple-glazed windowsOriented Strand Board (OSB) used as the airtightness layerThe kitchen prior to refurbishment


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