Energy Design Brief

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It all starts with our Energy Design Brief. Whether you’re still at the ideas stage or you already have architectural drawings, our comprehensive report, prepared by our skilled team of engineers, gives you all you need to take control and integrate energy efficiency into your project.


What we do

– Initial briefing with you
– Walkthrough survey of building
– Review drawings, if available
– Build Passivhaus energy model
– SAP guidance, if needed
– Examine improvement options
– Cover comfort, cost and energy
– Produce detailed report
– Review findings with you
– Adapt output to your needs
– Create performance specifications

When to start

Feasibility study / Concept design

As soon as you have an idea of what you are doing with your home we can help you.


Existing building

Even if you don’t have a big project planned yet an energy survey by one of our engineers could help you.

About the Energy Design Brief

Helping you take control

Our engineers use the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) to model the energy consumption of your building, and from there will guide you on what needs to be done.

Importantly, because we look at the science behind comfort, we help you avoid the greenwash by only recommending the most appropriate solutions for you and your project.

High quality information

Once the energy model of your home is built, we can examine lots of improvement options and make recommendations on the build-up for each part of your building as well as the heating and ventilation systems. We always look at the impact of options on energy demand, comfort and cost.

Our goal is to help you see what is possible. We even check whether your building can meet Passivhaus benchmarks.

Managing risks for you

Managing risks in a low energy build needs to start early. Appropriately controlling moisture, overheating and maintaining good indoor air quality is all part of how we think about energy. If you have an older building, the risks can be higher and extra care should be taken.


The clear information you need

We offer a free initial consultation on your project!

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