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Heat pumps

What we offer

Enhabit is MCS accredited and can offer the design, supply, installation and MCS Commissioning of a heat pump system for your property. Installing a heat pump can be a difficult move to make and you may have lots of questions about how it will work and perform best.

We carry out careful room by room design to make sure the heat pump will work optimally with the underfloor heating, radiators or other heat emitters in the property. We coordinate plans with the wider building team and make sure the installed system works as expected.

We are not tied to one supplier and will select a heat pump to suit your specific needs. Our engineers will complete heat load calculations to make sure the heat pump is sized correctly and the heating system can work effectively. Our focus is on keeping your home warm and comfortable with minimum cost and carbon.

A heat pump can produce a third of the carbon emissions compared to a gas boiler. We encourage the use of online data monitoring to be able to see the energy efficiency of the system over time and help you to get a close understanding of the energy saving available with a heat pump.

Design and install

The Renewable Heat Incentive is currently favourably placed to help homeowners make the move to decarbonise heating. It can provide a large source of funding to assist with this low energy investment. We are also working within the Green Homes Grants scheme (in London and the South-east only) and are registered with TrustMark and MCS.

Are you considering a heat pump for your property? Feel free to send your plans to Enhabit and we can propose a suitable system.

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