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Ventilation & MVHR


An MVHR system offers significant benefits in terms of increased comfort, lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions.  These ventilation systems are designed to ensure that your home enjoys continuous fresh, clean air whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building to a comfortable temperature.

Enhabit can design, supply, install and commission MVHR systems in the London and South-East area.

As  the UK struggles with some of the most polluted outdoor air in the world, indoor air quality can be even worse, as poorly ventilated homes allow humidity, carbon dioxide, mould and toxins to build up with no easy means of escape.

This is compounded in winter, when windows and doors are kept firmly shut to stop cold air getting in and heat escaping.

Poorly-ventilated homes are strongly linked to respiratory problems, allergies and asthma. A well-designed ventilation strategy can turn your house into a healthy home.


MVHR: a breath of fresh air
MVHR: a breath of fresh air

A Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system meets the ideal for both good quality ventilation and a warm home in winter. With an MVHR system, indoor air is extracted from rooms at rates which keep excess humidity, carbon dioxide and toxins at healthy levels.

This warm extracted air is run through a heat exchanger and the heat is passed to incoming cold air from outside. At efficiency levels of up to 96 per cent, an MVHR can re-heat cold outdoor air from zero to 18 degrees Celsius.

When this fresh air comes back into the home it’s at a much more comfortable temperature.

MVHR systems also contain filters which remove pollen, carbon dust and other toxins from outdoor air, and can even be fitted with NOx units to deal with toxins from diesel fumes.

Designing your MVHR system

Our technical experts at Enhabit can provide MVHR design, supply, installation and commissioning for your project. We can manage all parts of the process to ensure your MVHR system is truly efficient, quiet and effective.

Our MVHR system design takes into account pressure drops, acoustics and incorporation with structural elements to ensure the system operates as efficiently and quietly as possible. Commissioning would be provided by Enhabit through our BPEC-qualified technicians. We install all types of MVHR systems, including Zehnder Q and ComfoCool, PAUL 300 and more.

We are based in central London, offering installation across London and the South-East. Enhabit can also offer more general advice on building fabric efficiency, Passivhaus, low energy design refurbishment and heating/hot water mechanical services design.


Designing your MVHR system
MVHR installation and commissioning
MVHR installation and commissioning

To realise the benefits of your MVHR system it is vital that knowledgeable technicians manage the process.

To ensure your MVHR system operates at its optimum level of efficiency, and to limit unforeseen issues related to the installation (eg, clashing with other services that consequently requires adapting duct layout), it needs to be designed with detailed CAD layouts, installed and commissioned to a high standard. Balancing airflow rates means the unit will work as efficiently as possible in recovering heat and providing healthy amounts of fresh air.

A well-designed ventilation strategy will create a comfortable, healthy living space for you and your loved ones. For energy-efficient homes, a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system offers significant benefits compared to traditional ventilation in providing warm, filtered air in the winter and cool, fresh air in the summer.

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