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Windows & doors


Windows and doors using triple glazing are one of the keys to comfortable, efficient buildings. Enhabit offers some of the best value high quality timber and timber/aluminium composite windows and doors in the UK.

All products are suitable for home refurbishments, self build projects, small developments and larger commercial applications.

Our range includes high performance triple-glazed windows, doors, sliding doors and curtain walling, which can all be specified up to Passivhaus standards.

Frames can be timber, timber aluminium and insulated profile frames with overall window U-values down to 0.65W/m2K.

We offer a variety of styles including modern, slimline contemporary and traditional styles including our speciality Passisash sash windows replacements.

We offer a complete turnkey solution for survey, design, supply and installation (if required) for window replacements and new build homes.

We also offer Passivhaus installation advice, U-value calculations and thermal bridging calculations.

Supply times are typically 8 to 10 weeks from receiving final confirmed order and measurements.

About our windows and doors

We offer beautiful, high-performance triple-glazed timber windows that replace leaky sash windows and help homes reach exceptional standards of comfort, quietness and efficiency.

Passisash triple-glazed timber windows are a high performance replacement for sash windows that are draught-free, quiet and can help meet the exacting Passivhaus energy efficiency and comfort standards.

All of this whilst still maintaining a beautiful street appearance in conservation areas and listed buildings.

Our triple-glazed sash replica windows and our contemporary timber-frame and alu-clad windows all offer you outstanding acoustic and thermal performance.

As part of an energy efficiency home, triple-glazed windows will remove the opportunity for condensation to ever form on the inside of the window or frame, giving you a healthier, more comfortable living space. That feeling of radiant cold when you stand against a normal single- or double-glazed window is also eradicated with triple-glazing.

The windows are a collaboration between Enhabit and a Passivhaus specialist continental manufacturer that has been making timber windows to the highest standards at their factory for many years.

Our triple-glazed sash replica windows were originally developed by Enhabit for the first certified Passivhaus home refurbishments in the UK, and have been used ever since.

Energy efficiency

With traditional sash windows sealing the window closed is always in conflict with the sliding operation of the window. This means a traditional sash window is either airtight and very hard to slide open, or easy to open but not airtight.

A ’tilt and turn’ window functions differently from a traditional sliding sash window. With Enhabit’s windows the top sash is fixed and the bottom sash opens inwards, allowing the window to seal tightly.

Turning the handle one way enables the tilt function and opens the top of the sash inwards for ventilation and security. Turning the handle the in other direction enables the turn function, allowing the window to be opened completely.

The key advantage of tilt and turn is the ability to achieve high levels of airtightness using pressure-fit triple seals.

We are of the firm belief that there is no substitute for the use of good quality materials in the manufacture of any product. Our softwood is unsorted redwood to BS1186 from fully managed sustainable Nordic forests and our hardwood is sourced from certified suppliers.

The overall condition and quality of the timber used plays an important part in the strength, machining consistency and adhesion of finishes of the finished product. Our timber sources ensure compliance with the NHBC, BS 644 and BS 1186 Class 2 and Class 3 requirements for material quality used in frames, sashes and beads.

We only use PEFC or FSC chain of custody certified softwoods and hardwoods. The timber type is stated on our quotes.

As a bespoke window product our triple-glazed windows are typically ready in 7 to 12 weeks from ordering.

Enhabit can help you coordinate the arrival of your windows on site on the day you want them to be fitted, to make sure the windows installation flows seamlessly into your construction schedule.

Each window frame is hand-crafted from high quality timber to exacting standards. This means we can deliver exceptional performance, durability and quality. Our outstanding customer service before, during and after installation means you can have peace of mind when you order our triple-glazed windows and doors.

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